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my life is teeming with news

We have a new 17" LCD monitor! This one arrived yesterday and I am very happy with it. The speakers aren't any good, but I didn't buy it for those. It's so nice, being able to fit more stuff on the screen! Our old monitor couldn't do the 1280 x 1024 setting, so things were big and squished on the screen.

In other news, I made a portrait icon for jcobleigh last night, at his request. Since the tool didn't have the right hair available, we picked the closest one we could (it had good sideburns), and I then edited the image a bit afterwards. He looks a little bit like a Klingon, but there's nothing for it. :)

And he and I are switching to paid LJ accounts! We've been using the free services and really, they deserve a small sum for providing them so well. :) Plus, it lets us have more user icons. :)


i'm not surprised (at the switch to paid accounts)

wow! jamie's eyse are soooooooooooooooooooooo blue!

i envy you your lcd
lcd not loading...
Having known Jamie, I think it does look quite like him.

Then again, I noticed he looks a lot like Alton Brown. :)
Yes, but I don't wear shirts that are quite as loud as the ones he wears. :)
Hey...maybe that's why I thought Alton Brown was attractive in this subconscious sort of way: same balding pattern, also geeky and can make really good food...


Thank you for that comment! Very true, very true. I needed to hear that.


Oops! The above was left by particulars.
This particulars: particulars or some other particulars?


Hahaha! It's Patty.
Thanks. :) You know, you can get a free account just for posting... :)


not bad! The wineglass is a nice touch. I like the you without the glasses, although i more often see you with the glasses. I dunno. Your call. - dan