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for your edification

I realize I'm a few months behind the trend, but for those of you who know what I look like, what do you think? (And for those who don't, feel free to venture opinions as well: for reference. My hair is much shorter now. :)


Thanks to rj_anderson's link, I made them at the Portrait Illustration Maker.

jcobleigh seems to approve...


Very cute! I like the one with the glasses best.
Wow, are you online ALL DAY? :) Every response you've made today seems to be an instant one. :) Thanks, btw.
I was sort of off and on throughout the day -- you just had good timing. :D
Is it a bad thing if the only reason I can right now for getting a paid account is so that I can have more than three user pictures?

You inspired me to get into an icon-making mood. I made four for myself, one for jcobleigh, and one for silly_lilly. Considering how many icons you've made, I imagine that it's addictive... :)
Very cute! I am going to have to try mine later on this evening.
that's what you look like?

I went to make you one, but they had no hajabs...
i wandered over there once...didn't feel up to massive editing :)