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oh my...

I warn you: click on the following link at your own risk.

Through izhilzha I found christian_geek, which has the following priceless post in it:

Bill Gates! Teen Heartthrob! (circa 1983)

Some of the comments are hilarious.


My eyes! My eyes! How do I get the image out of my brain??
Don't come whining to me! I warned you! :)
"It buuuuuurns us! It buuuuuuurns us!"

"Aaggghh! I'm melting!"

I do love that little original Mac in the background of the first picture. Hah! We used to have those up in the stuffy and ill-ventilated attic computer lab in the New Africa House on campus. I should track down the kit for how to convert those into fishtanks...

Ah, there's nothing else I'd rather see a Macinsquash turned into these days. Enjoy!
Thanks! :)