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snoopy, darcy

jury duty

I have performed my civic duty: I went in for jury duty this morning at 8 a.m., armed with my homework, two research papers to read, a bottle of water, a bottle of hand cream, and a generously-packed lunchbox.

It was a good experience: they kept us informed of what was going on the whole time, bringing a judge in to explain the delay in impaneling us, and having us watch a badly-degraded videotape on the whole process, the content of which was probably made in the 1980s.

I did several homework problems while listening to inane television shows in the background (Regis & Kelly), and was faintly disturbed by the fact that the majority of the jurors had not even brought a book. They sat like doped sheep in front of the TV for two hours. (Except for one break where the jurors were able to go across the street to Dunkin' Donuts and most came back with coffee.)

They sent us all home just before 10 a.m. I am all set for another three years. :)


You forgot to mention the butter knife they took away from you when you entered the courthouse. I'm glad to know that our courthouses are being protected from the butter knife wielding population of America.
Tsk! You, who read Lynne Truss's book! "butter-knife-wielding population"!

Yes, thank you for reminding me. When the security guard asked me to please remove the knife from my bag, for one second I went into panic mode (a la that lovely and perfectly nonsensical "has anyone put something in your luggage without your knowledge?" question that they ask at airports), and thought, "KNIFE?! THERE'S A KNIFE--oh. Right. I put one in there for spreading hummus on sandwich makings..." and I removed it for her. They gave it back to me on the way out of the courthouse.

This hummus is GOOD! mmmmmmm....
1) plastic knife, anyone? did u not have one of those? or a spoon
2) i would prefer Truss' book...but I haven't read it..but anywayz :-p
Yeah, I realized the plastic-knife idea in retrospect, but then I thought that they'd probably have confiscated that, too. Maybe a spoon would have been fine.

Anyway, I had julienned carrot sticks, which worked just fine as spreaders. :)
i've heard of confiscated crochet needles on airplanes...even the plastic ones...so

but u know
even fingernails can do damage..
Three years?! Here you get ONE year before they can call you back.
They might try to call me back up to three more times in the next three years, but I don't have to serve unless I want to for the next three years.


My Sister just did jury duty!! She reported great amounts of boredom and pointless frustration.

When I told my advisors that I had jury duty, one wrote back with, "Hopefully you'll just have to sit in a room for two hours listening to Regis." The scary thing is, that is exactly what happened...
re: the knife issue -

Thank heavens they did not try to take my BRA away from me when it set off the metal detector in the courthouse. Mild embarassment when you walk into Passaic County Superior Court with two of your bosses and two co-workers (the two co-workers and I were invited to watch the trial proceedings of a case we had worked on extensively) and your UNDERWEAR sets off the metal detector!!!
LOL! :)