Rachel Cobleigh (reveilles) wrote,
Rachel Cobleigh

I love my cubicle

Or, rather, I love the view from my cubicle. The sunlight streaming out from behind the clouds over the Pioneer Valley.

I've finally fallen into the abyss-- no, I haven't caved in and gotten a cell phone-- and have started a weblog. Certain people-- you know who you are-- have given my entirely-too-suggestible self a reason to waste the remainder of my afternoon instead of getting research done.

Though, really, this travesty is entirely my own fault.

My very own world-wide soapbox! Whatever shall I discourse on?

'Course, it doesn't matter so much since everyone else on the planet can have their very own world-wide soapbox, too, but in case anyone is bored...

Enjoying life muchly at the moment and will be going to sing a modified version of the College Church (Northampton, MA, GREAT place, stop in sometime: www.thecollegechurch.org) 2003 Christmas Cantata at a nursing home in Greenfield, MA tonight. The foot of snow that Nature dumped on us last night postponed the actual Cantata performance until next Sunday evening.

Speaking of snow, I have a helpful person who comes to plow out my driveway. Except that this morning, they plowed out the end of the driveway and pushed all of the snow into the back of my (still parked there) car. And it's that nasty hard icy stuff that the plows leave behind. Ah well, at least I got plenty of aerobic exercise shoveling it out. Made up for the lost time at the gym this morning. :)

Christmas shopping done but I still need to wrap the presents. My mother has requested a green bean casserole (of Durkee French Fried Onion fame) and an "interesting" salad for our family's early Christmas celebration this Saturday. I've decided "interesting" constitutes (from my friend Allegra's impromptu recipe :) spinach greens, walnut meats, marinated red peppers, mandarin orange pieces, and raisins. Hope they like it. I made mashed cauliflower for Thanksgiving and it didn't go over amazingly well...

Ah! Going to Trilogy Tuesday tomorrow! Am totally looking forward to it! :)

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