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snoopy, darcy

wow. Wow. WoW. WOW!

I am nearing the end of my doctoral degree requirements (and will be beginning the thesis proposal-writing-defense process soon). There were some hurdles to get over first. I'll start with the tiny immediate hurdle and get around to jumping for joy by the major landmark:

1. I have a progress report that needs to be submitted on Friday. I wrote it up last night, and my advisors read through it and both accepted it on the first draft. "This is fine, I'll sign it," they said. This has not happened to me before. woo!

2. I need to take a class next semester to fulfill the last of the class requirements. It will be the last semester in which I could take a class. I was nervous that none would be offered that would be suitable. My advisor mentioned a possible course, I checked for it, and it will be offered next semester. It is PERFECTLY up my alley for what I need to learn. Woo!

3. In order to take the next step with my research, I need a case study. I had thought that I would have to wait for my advisors to make arrangements with an outside company or government agency; though things looked promising, it could easily take months to get something arranged. My advisors realized that they have access to a perfectly good initial case study already, with a colleague in the Nursing school. I will be starting on this within the next two weeks. WoO!

4. My advisor arrived in my cubicle this morning and told me that they were willing to sign off on a Master's degree based on something I'm going to have finished within the next two weeks. I will be filling out the necessary paperwork asap! WOOOOOO! I have waited 5 years for this and it is DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE...!

Yay God!


Computer Science. :)