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am I alone?

So: jeans. Some years ago (I'm not clear on how long ago, or exactly where), I bought a pair of stretch pants. They were sort of worn, so probably at Salvation Army. Anyway, I discovered how wonderfully comfortable they are: they cling nicely to my body, so I feel slim/muscular/healthy/fit/whatever, and the wide elastic waistband of course is whatever my waist size is. If I'm having a PMS day and feeling bloated, these pants are still my friends. I haven't been able to find more pairs like them.

Okay...so somewhere in there, my body/psyche decided to give up on pretending it was comfortable in anything remotely more constricting (i.e. jeans). I was spoiled from then on.

Now, I view my jeans as either: a) a desparate attempt to stay warm on cold days, or b) "dress-up pants". The latter is somewhat joking--I have carefully cultivated a small wardrobe of actual dress-up clothing, all of which of course are either dresses or...you guessed it...elastic waist-band pants. Lovely things, those.

Anyway, I was wondering: for all ye ladies out there (and men, if you want to weigh in :), am I alone in not being comfortable in jeans? I'm fine standing up in them, but when I sit down, my abdomen complains that it feels fat and demands that I unzip them enough so that there is no constriction.

Just to be clear: I don't wear tight jeans. I consider my jeans rather loose-fitting and probably slightly too big for me (when I'm standing up). I do ab workouts twice a week and have actually managed to sport a four-pack, if you can believe that. Surprised the heck out of me. Anyway, what I'm trying to say that I'm in good shape and I still think jeans are uncomfortable when I sit down in them.

What this boils down to is that I wear jeans because I don't want to be one of those gross people who wears the same pair of pants every day (i.e., my stretch pants). On days that I wear jeans, I find myself unzipping them halfway and sitting there with a nice, big bulky sweatshirt over them so that no one will know that I've half-unzipped them. And then I am happy. But then I feel dumb and hypocritical, not-wearing the pants I'm wearing. It's not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but since so many people wear jeans, this little voice in my head wonders if I'm the only freak. (Of course I'm not the only freak...there's jcobleigh and silly_lilly and coffeebeanben and...)

Opinions, anyone? :)


I don't find jeans uncomfortable, though I am annoyed that I need to buy Levis one size larger than I need to buy other pairs of pants, which doesn't make much sense since all of my other pairs of pants are 34x30 and a 34-inch waist should be the same from every company. It's not like women's clothing where the number "6" will represent a huge range of sizes because "6" has no relationship to anything, as far as I can tell.

You are not the only person who has clothing issues. See point number 2 from this post by dasubergeek.
I like jeans. It's khakis that feel constricted to me.

And if you ever want to feel fat and unloved, try on ski pants.
Fat, awkward, and unloved! All those slim skiing people whipping by you in sleek full-body ski suits, spraying snow in your direction as you Grandma-Moses your way down the hill, one long curve after another...
It's all in the cut. If the stupid thing is designed for a famine victim with no curves, and all they do for larger sizes is add on a couple of inches, of course it isn't going to fit. I've had jeans that I've loved and jeans that I couldn't put on even when they were larger than my usual size. It goes for any kind of clothing really, though pants are the hardest to get right. I've taken to buying two pairs at a time when I can get ones that fit right.
LOL..."famine victim with no curves"...! I laugh because it's so true.


a four-pack? impressive. i can only fondly remember the days when i had a washboard, when i was a high school gymnast.

hmm, i often wear the same pair of jeans all week. am i gross? good thing this post is (mostly) anonymous.

i have no wisdom about jeans, sizes, and comfort. i wear jeans all the time and tend to like them feeling crisp and somewhat snug, rather than baggy and nebulous. works for me. my one complaint is that most everywhere you go to buy jeans (or other pants, for that matter) and they're on shelves, the ones of the smallest dimensions (ie those for short people like me) are on the top shelf. can someone explain this logic to me?

the ones of the smallest dimensions (ie those for short people like me) are on the top shelf. can someone explain this logic to me?

There is madness in their method. I expect that it is because they think that "being organised" means putting the sizes in order from smallest to largest, from the top to the bottom, from the left to the right. To make them "easy to find". Not to make them easy to reach.


part of me would like to spend a whole day calling major retailers, requesting that they organize increasing pant sizes from the bottom up, thereby introducing a revolution in the apparel sales industry, but then again i'd rather have a mildly amusing observation/complaint to air every so often than to affect positive change in the world around me.




i meant "effect", not "affect".
You were a high school gymnast? Cool! What did you specialize in?


pommel horse. i still have faded scars up and down my shins and knees to prove it.

i did floor ex my freshman year too, but dropped that because there were too many others that were better than i was on it.
i am mostly comfortable in jeans

i have some days when that's not the case but...i don't generally feel the need to unzip them

if i do...i usually know before hand and find something else...i think :-)

me? a freak?


Hello Reveilles!
Hmm, definitely agree with the above that it's all about how they're cut. I really dislike the high-waisted tapered kind, because they're generally unflattering and push in my stomach. Have you tried low-rise boot cut? Each brand is different - I suggest you try them out and once you find a brand that looks nice and fits comfortably, stock up on them because there are times when brands change their cut depending on the trend and you won't find that jean anymore.

Oy, I have discovered that annoying tendency to replace their good stock with bad, blindingly fast! :(
On behalf of a good many men, I send my condolences. I have long maintained that women's pants should be labeled with three dimensions: Waist, Hip and Inseam instead of the infuriatingly simple-minded Size 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. Wanna start our own clothing line?

No...not really. Clothing isn't my passion. At worst, it's my bane; at best, it's an occasional relief. :) I think I'll just keeping haunting Salvation Army stores. :)


Try the Land's End jeans. I followed the advice of other "tired of finding jeans that don't fit" females, ordered a pair - Overstocks for $15! - and find them to be amazingly, delightfully, truly COMFORTABLE! Good luck!
Which of the 13 variations at Land's End under "jeans" "Women" and "Overstocks" are you referring to?

I have a smallish waist (28-29"), a generous hip/bum (37-38"), and thick thighs (thighs extend out about 1-1 1/2" beyond widest hip/bum point). Usually jeans fit bum but are far too wide in the waist (bending over leaves a great, big empty area sticking out in the back), or would fit waist but cannot possibly make it past thighs and bum. Also, I prefer a cut that is not tight around the upper-thigh area, as it focuses quite unpleasantly on extra bulge there. Preferably, a cut that is relaxed-fit around the thigh and does not taper any tighter than that widest point. It might be nice to find a slight flare look at the bottom, but they don't seem to make flares that aren't tight on top. Ideally, a jeans fabric that stretches so that sitting is comfortable would be great.

The jeans available on Land's End at the moment are either maternity, plus, or look like they're designed for skinny people with skinny thighs. Do you have information to the contrary?


I too have been generously blessed in the lower portion of my body, and have never experienced having skinny thighs supporting a skinny body. I ordered the natural fit by size (14 - aargh) and length, as the relaxed fit were not available. I found them to fit at the waist, and although just a wee bit snug after initially zipping them up, most comfortable and flattering. I've a friend who is also a Land's End customer who's been quite happy with her relaxed fit jeans. Above all, I've not lost hope there is a decent pant for those of us outside the range of sizes 0-6.

I would suggest two things: give customer service a call and convey your measurements and concerns. I've found them to be exceptionally helpful and gracious. And if you don't find any in overstocks, take a look at the regular prices. Compared with the cost of jeans generally available, they're still a fair price for the quality.

Do check out the all-weather clogs. They feel like slippers when worn and look quite stylish and conservative. My husband loves his, too!
Thanks for your recommendations!


You are most welcome. We of the female persuasion gifted with a "politically incorrect" hourglass figure need to stick together!
i got distracted a little while ago and forgot

did u say ur sister got engaged?
if so, tell her congrats and best wishes
Yep, she's engaged! :) I will convey the message. (Or you could email her yourself. I'll send you her email address. :)