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a bad joke (and other news)

jcobleigh was recently treated to the following:

"You know, when you and your wife graduate, you'll be an enigma."

... ?

"You know, a pair-a-docs."

I just thought I'd share it with you all. :)

The snow's starting to blow down nicely; by this time tomorrow, we will have hopefully dug ourselves out of our house and driveway (for the fifth time in the last month). We're expecting 1 to 2 feet of snow overnight. It wouldn't really be a big deal (blizzard or near-blizzard conditions, ho-hum, thank God we made grocery this morning, but we're safely ensconced inside the house now), except that a dear, longtime friend of mine got married today at 2 p.m. down in the Hartford, CT area...and jcobleigh and I didn't go, because we didn't want to drive back in the ever-increasing snow. :(

I hope a lot of people made it down and everyone has safe travels.

Life is good! I'm back to drinking hot cocoa whenever I want without worrying about the dairy in it. Country Choice Naturals makes two different flavors of a soy-based cocoa mix. We sent to them asking for samples, they responded promptly, we liked what we had, and so we ordered it shipped to us in bulk, since no one around here sells it. Yum! Woo! Thank You, God! :)

Also, our copy of the Software Engineering journal containing the paper that jcobleigh has been working on for seven years arrived today! He saw it and just said, "Whoa!" and then stood staring at it in respectful silence. :)


Hope you are both safe in the snow, though living in Amherst you are both storm veterans.

NJ has about 12-15 inches on the ground as of now with more to come. We also lost power for about two hours. One of the interesting things I noticed during the no lights time was how WHITE it looks outside. It is both beautiful and eerie.