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updates & things

Hey all! We made it home safely from our drive down the East Coast. The drive back up was unpleasant for me, as I was sick with some kind of nasty cold/flu thing, which I'm still down with, even a week later. I feel better...but I still want to sleep every couple of hours. :)

jcobleigh has made a post about some of our adventures whilst in GA and NJ. We were also able to at least spend one evening with every single family member that we wanted to! Thank God for how it all worked out. :) We are glad that we don't have children yet. (I get tired just thinking about it! :)

I enjoyed Christmas with jcobleigh's side of the family more than I expected that I would. I was debating religion and politics with people and yet we were all still on easy terms! It was very cool to get to know them all--many of them even jcobleigh hadn't seen in years. :) This turned out to be a wonderful holiday with family.

Plus, I also discovered how good a traveler jcobleigh is, and I enjoy traveling with him. :)

jcobleigh's parents sent us home with a bunch of his stuff, slowly moving more and more of him out of their place. :) We now have a couple hundred Star Trek books in the corner of the living room. We have high hopes of selling them en masse on Ebay. Anybody interested? :)

We have new CDs for Christmas! I'm listening to one of them right now.

jcobleigh is making a chili right now that smell absolutely fantastic. I'm off to take a sniff...