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secrets are fun

Jamie and I have had a great deal of pleasure (as have the growing number of the in-the-know co-workers), in telling the people in our department that we're engaged. Most of them had no idea that we were even dating.


I just gave Jan, the woman who administrates the church prayer list, permission to announce our engagement. (She had been eager to do it when she'd first found out, but we were still in processing mode at the time.) I now have women from the church emailing me back with ::hint hint elbow elbow:: "so tell me everything...!"



For me, one of the most fun was telling one person that reveilles and I both know from Valley Light Opera. She knew we were dating. When I saw her for the first time after the engagement she asked me how I was and I responded "engaged". Her face lit up, she screamed for about 2 seconds, then gave me a huge hug.

dasubergeek was entertaining, too. After having me repeat the news for a second and then a third time, he responded by saying "If I was capable of screaming like a girl, I would." :)