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snoopy, darcy

a song jcobleigh and I embody :)

Adam & Eve
Music & Lyrics (and a GREAT rendition! :) by Jessica Molaskey & John Pizzarelli

There are couples full of mystery
There are couples who make history
But you and I are just your average kind
Celebrity and infamy are not what they’re cracked up to be
We never make the papers, we never seem to mind

Adam and Eve, they really blew it with that apple bite
Bonnie and Clyde, they had to do it with the feds in sight
Martha and George they threw a party just to get the guests
Their lives were dramas, sin or crime
Ours is pajamas by dinner-time

So what if we’re not the kind of couple that you read about
Old Romeo, he never had to take the garbage out
And Juliet, how many years can someone speak in rhyme
Dramas and crime aren’t as sublime as pajamas by dinner-time

We’ll still be standing when the others fall
Though you’re no Bogey and I’m no Bacall
We give each other everything we need
More Jimmy Stewart to my Donna Reed
Forget your Burtons, we’re making curtains
Cuz I’ll tell you hon, son of a gun, don’t we have fun
We lose a 'PJ’ with each dish that’s done

So what if we’re not the kind of couple people gasp about
Like Anthony did when Cleopatra left her asp about
Who needs the pain, who needs the trama of a long hard climb
No thank you sir I’m stayin where I am
‘Cause you make my heart stop on a dime
Dramas and crime aren’t as sublime as pajamas by dinner-time

I highly recommend this entire CD; especially listen for The Girl With His Smile and My Eyes, another song written by this husband-and-wife team.


Okay, they have good lyrics -- what's the music itself like?
Her first CD, Pentimento, is a jazzy take on the popular songs of the 1920's and 1930's. Her second CD, A Good Day is a jazzy take on the music of the 1950s and is inspired by the song stylings of Peggy Lee. Her third CD, Make Believe, is a jazzy take on Broadway. On all of the CDs, she includes songs she helped write that fit into the overall style of the album. The song mentioned above is from A Good Day. If you are looking for an Australian source for these CDs, I'd recommend CD Collector Online. I've had good luck ordering CDs from them (I like Anthony Warlow and they have good prices on his CDs, at least when the US dollar is strong).