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Ruddigore pics!

I've collected a few of the pictures from Ruddigore with the Valley Light Opera together here, if you're interested. :) Enjoy!


Re: ooooooooooooo

well i mailed truffles express overnight in the US once..and they were just fine
i'm not sure how superbly expensive it would to do overnight or next day and how good from a tropical country...
but you could open the truffle book...and point at a recipe and say jamie make this!

well...i told you that letter didn't say anything...i'm pretty sure i put that in somewhere!
and it wasn't actually a christmas letter...just i was writing a letter to my penpal and it was hard for me to continue because the last time i was writing i was telling her abt my sister so now i had to you know start again...
and then it was so close to christmas i know it'd get either lost or confused or too late for the by christmas date and i knew your address and heather's by heart (or i thought i knew heather's by heart) and i had itchy fingers and wanted to write letters but didn't have anything to say and i had stationery so...