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Ruddigore pics!

I've collected a few of the pictures from Ruddigore with the Valley Light Opera together here, if you're interested. :) Enjoy!


Re: ooooooooooooo

cute little dolly
cute little pasty dolly
can a cute little dolly stick her tongue out at me?
i think not!! :-p

ah! life
it sucks
but there are some good moments every now and again...and then there's blah
then there are people who IM you to death about how you should go see a counsellor cuz they're always online late at night when you're depressed and they're your sister's friend and worried about you.


guess what i got!
i will go tell jcobleigh

Re: ooooooooooooo

I heard! Congratulations! May your truffles be forever sweet! :)

Re: ooooooooooooo


may i forever find chocolate with which to make these truffles

(oh..and test subjects...guinea pigs...people to fatten...!!!)

Re: ooooooooooooo

well i mailed truffles express overnight in the US once..and they were just fine
i'm not sure how superbly expensive it would to do overnight or next day and how good from a tropical country...
but you could open the truffle book...and point at a recipe and say jamie make this!

well...i told you that letter didn't say anything...i'm pretty sure i put that in somewhere!
and it wasn't actually a christmas letter...just i was writing a letter to my penpal and it was hard for me to continue because the last time i was writing i was telling her abt my sister so now i had to you know start again...
and then it was so close to christmas i know it'd get either lost or confused or too late for the by christmas date and i knew your address and heather's by heart (or i thought i knew heather's by heart) and i had itchy fingers and wanted to write letters but didn't have anything to say and i had stationery so...


Re: ooooooooooooo

Definitely! how well do truffles mail, do you think?

LOL on your "holiday letter" to us!! It was the first international
letter that we've ever been mailed that said absolutely nothing for two
pages! Thanks so much for that--the best Christmas letter ever, from a Muslim friend! We're keeping it for posterity. :)

Re: ooooooooooooo

see reply above :-D

i was impatient