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Aussie wine-in-a-box!

My husband blogged his post-Thankgiving analysis, including a shocking new development in wine consumption... :)

Now we are on to cookie-baking for the next couple of weeks. :) It's all about making cookie samplers for our friends and family.

And I had a random epiphany this morning: I think I dislike wearing bathing suits because they squeeze my hips/thighs into the worst shape possible. Thus, I need to find a bathing suit that doesn't do that, and I will probably not have a problem with bathing suits in general. This is closely related to the underwear saga. "String bikini" is the technical name for the type of underwear that I prefer (and it doesn't squish my thighs), and I had a deep thought while get dressed this morning: I should find a bikini with a "string bikini" bottom! Now the only problem will be how to keep this style of bikini bottom well-secured. They used double-sided tape and skin-friendly glues on Baywatch, but who in their right mind takes their cues from Baywatch?! Hmmm...

Not that any of you are probably interested in this epiphany in the slightest, but you did click to read this...



bathing suits

Hi Rachel!
Land's End makes bathing suits that are quite conservative and flattering. I suggest you check them out!