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A good Thanksgiving

And good reasons to give thanks, in no particular order...

  • Family members are healthy!
  • We made a good apple pie and homemade cranberry sauce for the feast. jcobleigh can't stand the cranberry sauce that comes from the can. I like the way the sauce is shaped like the can it was in... :)
  • Lots of reasons to laugh and thank God that I don't live with all my relatives all the time. :)
  • I started using my home computer when jcobleigh gave it me last summer, but I was new to the Mac OS and I used it only as a home stop-gap measure. Being sick and working on it at home for two weeks finally propelled me over the edge and now it is ORGANIZED! Mwahahahaaa...
  • Thanksgiving leftovers! :)
  • Research is going well. :)
  • The election is over over over over over yay

In other news, I was in a meeting with my advisor on Tuesday and during the course of our conversation, I learned that my advisor doesn't think I should expect to finish by Spring 2006. So I am giving up with trying to clutch onto a specific date and embracing the Ph.D. vortex for what it is. I'm making good progress, but ideas mature in their own timeline, so I'm letting go and seeing what happens. :)

We will cross all bridges when we come to them. :)

Going to see The Incredibles today after lunch! Woo! :)