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snoopy, darcy

Thank you for making sure I'm still alive

To those who emailed to ask when I'd get around to posting in this blog again: thanks. :)

jcobleigh has been sick the past few days (temp: 100.7 F yesterday evening), so I've been a little bit off of my normal schedule. The last two weeks of Ruddigore performances were especially exhausting for us, and I've just started a big push to get a new version of my research tool out the door, so I've basically buried myself at home with a CVS client and a 56K-modem connection and I've alternated between writing code and making jcobleigh chicken soup. :)


  • The show went well! Woo-hoo! :) (And we have Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays free again! :)
  • jcobleigh is feeling MUCH better. MUCH MUCH better. We made chili, cornbread, and hot fudge pudding cake, a la mode, for our Bible study this evening. The meal went over well. :) We just finished a series on Jonah, so we're going to celebrate in a couple of weeks by watching the Veggie Tales Jonah movie and ordering in Wings ("serves 4 tons of chicken a week!")
  • We're heading out to Boston for the weekend! :)
  • We've started feeding our outdoor cat in the basement, because her water dish freezes and she can't drink out of it. Unfortunately, this means that the indoor cat has taken to eating the extra food, which results in a) the outdoor cat not having as much as she needs, and b) the indoor cat quickly becoming overweight again. On the upside, they don't seem to be using the kitty litter box (and no, the basement doesn't smell, so we don't think they're depositing their treasures anywhere else down there), so we don't have to clean it as often. I predict that when the snow comes, the kitty litter will be back to its normal smelly self.
  • We're gearing up for the holidays; we're planning on bringing homemade cranberry sauce to the Thanksgiving dinner. (jcobleigh can't stand the stuff that comes out of the can, but I must admit, I'm perversely entertained by the can-ridges permanently formed in the solid block of cranberriness. :)
  • We're singing in the Christmas Cantata at our church on Dec. 12th, so we're in rehearsals for that.
  • I am saving up for Christmas presents. Who isn't? :)
  • I am currently reading a great little book called "The Power of a PrayingTM Wife", which despite the fact that the TM irks me, is actually quite a good book. SO grateful for jcobleigh! Wow...
  • More friends are getting married. Quickly.
  • More friends are pregnant.
  • People are starting to ask me for dating advice. This has never happened before in my life. Suddenly, I am "qualified." :)

More later...as time permits. jcobleigh might want more chicken soup... :)

Good night!


meat soup

well i'm glad jamie's still alive

and dating advice huh?
because you've had a whopping 10 months of experience???
(my calculations might be a bit off)

Well actually, only about 3 months of dating. Then 7 months of engagement. Now 3 months of marriage. What's that? 13 months total?

Actually, the specific advice that I was asked about was regarding how a Protestant woman should respond to an interested Catholic man. jcobleigh got in on the discussion too. :)
well i'm glad what i calculated as 10 months was 10 months
i guess i meant...all the time before marriage...whatever you call it


she should brain him

oh wait...that's if she's muslim ;-)