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of dreams and devils

"Be ye angry and sin not
Let not the sun go down upon your wrath
Neither give place to the devil."
Ephesians 5:26-27

Aside from the generally good advice of resolving your differences quickly (especially with a spouse, as my mother applies this verse to that most often :), I've been reading Neil Gaiman's Sandman, so I'm taking these things with a bit more thought:

From Lorenz Hart (rough life, beautiful lyrics):

"When you're awake the things you think come from the dreams you dream."
- "When or Where", Babes In Arms, 1936

If I go to bed afraid or angry (or even just in a state of being stubbornly not willing to forgive and forget, even if I'm not particularly worked up at that moment), am I perhaps giving the petty daemons a little hook to grab on to and inflitrate my dreams?

...and do I thus wake up with a subconscious more angry/afraid, yet still without solid reason?

Is this why I erect scarecrows of real people in my mind and have arguments with them and assign accusations to them?