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TV shows

Does anyone have recommendations for a TV show on the broadcast networks that jcobleigh and I should try watching? We reduced our cable significantly (thus reducing our cable bill significantly), and we are thus no longer able to follow Alton Brown's Good Eats on the Food Network or Stargate on Sci-Fi.

We are currently attempting to tape an episode of each of the following shows:

  • Joan of Arcadia
  • Lost
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent

We had tried watching the first two episodes of Boston Legal, but found ourselves overwhelmingly underwhelmed. Except for the (surprise!) fact that, given the right material, William Shatner can act! He was actually the only one who had a hope of keeping me interested in this two-dimensional Ken-and-Barbie-play-lawyers waste of time.

I guess unethical people trying to have deep and meaningful moments while remaining unapologetically unethical doesn't work for me.

The nice thing about taping shows, though, is that we (or rather, mostly I) can pause them to kibitz freely without preventing the other person (i.e. jcobleigh) from actually hearing the dialogue and watching the show. Things like, "Do these people do any paperwork?" (Carrying file folders around unopened doesn't count!) and "How did she find time in law school to get a degree if she spent the whole time learning how to be a model?"


See icon. :)
We had added that to the list solely based on your single mention of it. Such is the high regard that I have for your opinion, though the show's premise sounded like a lame attempt at scripted reality television. :)
Thank you for suggesting Lost. reveilles and I started watching it based on your recommendation and are enjoying it a great deal. It took me a few episodes to get into it, but I'm glad I kept watching.
Having lived for 1 1/2 years in college without a significant amount of cable television channels, I realize the need to get creative with what is on the broadcast networks. Try any of the following:

1) Any of the Law and Order series (I like the original the best)
2) The Apprentice
3) Jeopardy (I don't know how well you would tape this, but it's a nice option if you're both home and have nothing else to do)
4) Brit-coms (they are often re-run on PBS stations but the schedules can change on a whim so check before you tape)
5) Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Good luck!!!
"Do these people do any paperwork?" (Carrying file folders around unopened doesn't count!)

Actually, I do this on a rather frequent basis. But I do quite a bit of paperwork and have the paper cuts to prove it. :) :)
See, it's not just the carrying--it's the fact that they NEVER OPEN THE FOLDERS. They just carry them to the coffee machine, lean against the counter like they're in a photo shoot (which they sorta are, I grant...), and start talking/flirting/emoting/whatever.



i haven't had a tv (i resort to dvds on my laptop for my sedentary audio/video entertainment needs) since ~2002, but if i did, i think nbc's scrubs is the only show i would make an effort to watch regularly.

i avoid reality shows like plague-infested plague bacteria.

nasty little nasty buggers, eh? :)
eh...i watch CSI, when i remember.
my sister and my mommy watches Gilmore Girls and my sis watches Everwood.
Everwood is weird. It's full of NICE people.
Can you imagine a show with only NICE people that is good and not soppy (like seventh heaven which is NOT full of nice people but is soppy and annoying and i can't believe it's still on television).

Oh...we been watching Desperate Housewives cuz it's funny and just because.

so no alton brown?
that's very sad
i miss the food channel.

but the money savings is good :)
as somebody was saying...u can buy/rent more dvds
you can rent things that appear on the other stations sometime

wait! you're going to miss Earthsea????
and the peacekeeper wars???

EXACTLY how we feel about it
well...you could pay to get scifi (and everything else) for the period in which Earthsea is showing...

or you could wait until it comes out on dvd which it most likely might?

or you could get BROADBAND and download everything to watch on your computer :)
That would imply that we have room in our budget for those things...I think we'll just wait for the DVDs...after you've watched the show and told us whether they're worth buying... :)
rent them!

marriage makes people live more expensively!!! :-p

broadband is so important...*sniffle*
nah; renting is so much more expensive, considering that we'll never have the time to watch them all in the window of opportunity that a single rental would afford us.

Ah! I've got it! We can BORROW THEM FROM YOU! :)

hee hee... :)
yeah, of course you can borrow them from me
provided i buy them of course
and you are willing to pay the postal fees and DUTY!!!!

i have to set the vcr for farscape...seeing as we don't really watch tv in ramadhan