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On IMDb's business news today:

"NBC received a barrage of complaints from viewers of NBC Nightly News who saw President Bush framed in a shot against a sign reading "TAX RELIEF for AMERICAN WORKING FAMILIES" so that only the letters "ILIE" could be seen behind him."


further amusement

Further amusement was afforded by jcobleigh coming over to my cubicle about five minutes after I'd posted the above and saying (with the most wonderfully puzzled look on his face), "'I' 'L' 'I' 'E'?"

It sorta shocked me, since his brain is usually leaps ahead of mine when it comes to stuff like this.

"'I lie'?" I explained, which was followed by an even more wonderfully-expressed "ahhhh!...I feel dumb!" look on his face, and then a "and now that I feel dumb, I feel free to laugh with devilish delight" look.

It afforded much further amusement. :)


i got it on the first try! ilie (http://www.tennisfame.org/enshrinees/ilie_nastase.html) also happens to be a very common crossword puzzle answer, which is what occurred to me second.

I have a great many quasi-useless words in my head for just such purposes. I tried using 'nee' in conversation, to explain to the confused what my maiden name was, but no one seemed to know what I was talking about.

Whenever I see "hockey great", I am automatically tuned to "ORR!" inside my head. :)

Mr. W, a friend of ours actually got a free LJ account just so that she could post as herself on her friends' journals, but she didn't actually keep her own journal... :)


formerly, in france

i'm also fond of the four letter word for entrance to a mine. do ya know it?

i got a free xanga acct so's i could post on friends' blogs but haven't done that for LJ since i can still leave comments as "anonymous" (didn't have that option with xanga). i was going to continue doing that...unless it bothers you that i don't have an avatar and a username. d-:

Re: formerly, in france

Well, you're anonymously posting more than anybody else who anonymously posts on my blog, so I guess it's a pretty a good probability that I can figure out who you are... though if some day I come up to you, say something completely incomprehensible as if you should of course know what I'm talking about, and burst out laughing, you can safely know that you're probably anonymously partly to blame for it. :-P :)