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snoopy, darcy

little woo!

jcobleigh came over to my cubicle on Monday afternoon and said, "Happy anniversary!"

I wracked my brain, searching for what significant occurrence could possibly be commemorated on October 4th. We'd gotten married on August 14th; I couldn't see any connection there.

I gave up. "Anniversary of what?"

"Our first date!" he said cheerfully, smiling.

I melted. "Really? I guess you're right...early October..."

"Yep!" he looked immensely pleased with himself. I felt myself staring down a road of lifelong struggles to remember significant dates in our lives--and then I figured it out: he's got them all noted in his calendar program on his desktop.

"This is why technologically-savvy men are going to be evolutionarily dominant," I said. "Nice one!"

So: we've been together a year! :) Woo! :)


copy his calendar
let him do all the grunt work and you save energy!