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you'd think a charity would try harder to keep your money

So jcobleigh and I have been trying to update my name and jcobleigh's new address with a certain large charity organization that we've been sending money to friends through. A month ago, jcobleigh followed the instructions on his payment stub and filled in his new address. I followed the instructions and filled in my new name on my stub. I hoped that somebody might notice that they have two people with the same last name living at the same address and consolidate the accounts into one new stub.

Alas, no. They ignored the markings and life continued as usual. Two weeks later, we got the old stubs (jcobleigh's was forwarded from his old address by the Post Office). I called them, told them all the new information, requested that they consolidate our contributions on one stub, etc. They assured me that everything was set.

Nothing changed, except that they sent my stub to jcobleigh's old address. It's probably languishing somewhere in his landlord's mailbox as we speak, since the Post Office hasn't been instructed to forward mail addressed to my maiden name to our current address, only mail addressed to jcobleigh's name.

So we called again today, badgered the person on the phone a bit, reiterated the information, and insisted that they read it back to us.

We will see if this has any useful effect whatsoever.