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pet peeve

People who listen to their voice mail on speaker-phone.


eh...do you mean cell phone voice mail? or voice mail on your home phone?
I mean people who have an industrial-sized phone in the lab next door that has speaker-phone capability and they're too lazy to just pick up the handheld receiver and listen to their voicemail in relative privacy. No. Instead, they crank up the volume so that it carries 50 feet and make everybody else listen to them as they navigate the automated system, press buttons, and play messages. Rude people.

Aforesaid person also wears very nice business clothes to work every day (tie, dress pants, button-down shirt), which is a nice but rather warm thing to do, and they live in a corner cubicle so they have two walls that are windows and are thus well-heated by the sun, and thus force all the shivering grad students in the darker back parts of the room to live with freezing cold temperatures so that the aforesaid person can be comfortable in their cubicle.

Suffice to say, I am not terribly enamored with aforesaid person.

but does this person control the thermostat?
The thermostat is accessible to everyone in the room; grad students turn it up, this person turns it way down. The room freezes more quickly than it heats up.
that sucks

i remember thermostat warring with a certain roommate...
it was horrible
i froze

was that me?
well we don't have a thermostat at home...and my sisters (and my brother) are the only other people who count as roommates of mine

unless you think it was jessica...:-p

and free heating!!!
Wow...I don't remember disagreeing with you over the heat...I'm sorry if this was traumatizing to you!
i kept raising it and you kept lowering it
and saying things like heat at 65 and wear sweaters
kinda pointless to me

oh yeah, I think I remember that. I think you pointed out the sweaters and it really didn't make sense. Did I eventually cave into your tropical demands?
i don't know if you did
i think we had wars
but i ignored you...
and you came home late anywayz...so...:-p

you're just evil
i have more pills to take