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sheet survey

If you're willing to admit to it (feel free to post anonymously :), how often do you feel you should change the sheets on your bed?

I was raised with "whenever", a previous roommate insisted that anything less often than "once a month" was "gross", and my husband was raised with "once a week", but has managed to stretch his level of toleration to "once every 2 to 3 weeks."

In other news, our landlady is cleaning 50 years' worth of detritus out of our house, and she found the pajamas that her husband wore for their honeymoon in 1954: pink paisley. (?! :) They were in surprisingly good shape. She gave them to us, saying that they should bring us good luck, too. :)


Actually, it varies with the seasons for me! About once a month in the cooler months but as often as once a week or so in the summer when it's really hot and sticky and perspiration issues arise.

And what's with our cross-posts and body functions lately? What's next, armpit hair?

::over-reacting:: WHAT? You have a PROBLEM with ARMPIT HAIR?!?