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When Girls Propose

It's interesting how people react to the girl-proposing thing (which I never expected to do!!!)

a) "Are you going to give him an engagement ring?"
      (Which is only compounded when they discover that I don't want a ring and never did. :)
b) ::weird look:: (from my father) "How long did you pray about this?"
c) "Good for you!" (from an older married guy at church)
d) "Me too! Me too! One day I just said, 'So when are we getting married?' and he said, 'Whenever you want to!'" (from an older married lady at church)

Other various and sundry quotes that have lately amused me:

"So he chased you so hard you finally caught him?" (This was before the person knew I'd proposed.)

--"I'd proposed." Did I just say that? Wow--

My mother, after Jamie asked for my hand but before we told them how it really happened: "Well, I was thinking February. We all know about February, don't we? February 29th. Too bad he got to you first."
On a side note: neither Jamie nor my father knew what she was talking about. I think it might be one of those women-secrets. On February 29th the cosmic ban on girls proposing is lifted. My mother told me this from my earliest memories of her. What do you think this would do to a young girl's psyche? :)

So when I explained it to the two puzzled men, they got into a complicated attempt at determining if 2004 would be a Leap Year, and that led to a more complicated attempt at determining if 2000 was a Leap Year, which is a far more complicated thing than you might imagine, until you realize that if you can divide the century number evenly by 400 then it is a Leap Year. I can only attribute Jamie's confusion to the fact that it was a rather life-defining situation and his brain was unexpectedly engaged in doing Deep Math.

Jamie was on the phone with one of our friends, Laylaa, who is a bit of a sprite. I called her and told her we were engaged. (She was the first friend who knew that I was dating Jamie, so it seemed fitting. :) She made happy, congratulatory noises and then we hung up.

Five minutes later, she calls back and Jamie (for the first time ever) answers my phone.

"Is it going to be a short engagement or a long engagement?" she asks.

"We're thinking a long engagement," he answers.

"Are you going to get her a ring?"

"She doesn't want one."

"How did you ask her?"

"I didn't. She asked me."


"She proposed to you?"

"Yes. (giggle)"

"Is she going to get you an engagement ring?"



"Do you want one?"

"Noooooo," he answered, laughing.

Upon him asking me if I really didn't want a ring, even one without a rock on it, I gestured with my right hand (on which I have an inexpensive dime-store sort of ring that my aunt gave me eight or so years ago. It's simple and doesn't get in the way of anything and isn't worth particularly much and isn't terribly pretty or anything. I put it on with two thoughts: whenever I looked at it especially, I would pray for her and her family, and second, I would wear it until I had a wedding ring. Just to get accustomed to wearing a ring.)

So I made a move with the ring-hand and said, "No...I'm a one-ring kinda girl."

We both paused, and a bell went off in my head: "You know, I want to rule them all..."

That's what happens when you watch twelve hours straight of LoTR. :) The really nice thing is, he understands my sense of humor. Such a nice kind of relief and ease, that is. And me with him... :)

Still in Wow Mode. :)

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