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snoopy, darcy


Testing the Deepest Sender Firefox plug-in that kerravonsen told me about. Now I can post to LJ just by clicking on a toolbar button (it automatically puts the plug-in in the sidebar! :), typing some silly kibitzing, and clicking on the Post button! Woo! :) Instant Blog Entry! :) If I keep it open in the sidebar, then I can be doing on-the-fly kibbitzing if I run across something interesting while web browsing, and I don't have to go searching for the LJ update webpage or a client. Nope, just move the mouse over to the left side of the screen and type...then hit the button and inflict that moment's brilliance on any innocent bystanders who happen by!

Ohhh...this is SO much nicer than the client jcobleigh uses! I'm tempted to install Firefox on my home machine just so I can use this one instead... I can get the benefits of using Apple's default Mail program on my Mac (nice connection with the Address Book, there), and then configure my default web browser to be Firefox, so clicking on links in mail will connect nicely to Firefox, and WHOOSH--there goes Safari and Netscape 7.2, eating my little orange-and-blue fox dust! :)

I especially like the 'Edit Last Entry' functionality, oh, that's nice!

I'm using my Darcy icon, because I'm in love...

Thanks, kerravonsen!


eh...there should be a firefox already installed on your home machine...

it may not be the latest release but...
I installed the newest version of Firefox yesterday. As much as I like the speed of Safari, I hate cookies. Firefox lets me decide which sites get to set cookies on a site by site basis. Safari does not. Firefox is not that much slower than Safari. I have started using Firefox as my browser of choice on the Macintosh.

The Conversion of Paul

I got in a huge argument the other day with someone at work. This person was clearly an idiot because he said Internet Explorer is so far superior to other browsers that there's really no point in switching. So after I told him to call me when he leaves the Paul Time Zone (GMT minus five years), I installed Firefox 0.93 on his workstation.

Yesterday I was in the kitchen getting myself a bowl of oatmeal and I heard Paul telling someone, "Yeah, Internet Explorer is so five years ago, I can't believe you're not using Mozilla Firefox yet."

And my copy of Deepest Sender auto-detects my music when I hit the Post button, though usually I don't have music playing... maybe you have an old version, kerravonsen?

Re: The Conversion of Paul

hey...i'm happy...i even got my parents to use firefox
i told them IE was bad...stop using it :)
ah! it's my browser of preference pretty much anywhere
it gets so that launching IE or thinking of launching it makes me crazy and using it is harder yet

i keep resisting installing it on my aunt and uncle's machine tho...

of course, i had no such compunctions on rachel's/yours