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name change


Just needed a primal scream there.

The real-world stuff (Social Security, RMV, banking institutions, health care, etc.) are fairly easy to name-change.

It's the electronic stuff that bites you in the butt. The local computer admins helpfully changed all my account/login info to my new married name (as requested), but I logged in to discover that most of my programs couldn't find the "missing directories" that got lost when the dirname changed. I spent most of the morning rooting around in config files. I think --I think--I'm operational at this point.

Now I'm trying to change my logins at various important websites. Haven't gotten to the really important ones yet, just testing the process... The current headache is trying to log in to the university's web system, which has completely revamped itself from Mostly Useless to Totally And Utterly A Waste Of Time. And I haven't even changed any information yet--they automatically changed the account password on me (ostensibly for "security", but the inaccessibility of the system should provide all the security they need), and it only took 14 minutes for the login window to switch to the actual in-the-system webpage! (I am on my work machine with the big university gateway access speed.)

I don't know why I thought I was going to get any useful work done today.

Ah well, this IS a useful sort of work, I suppose...

In other news, our honeymoon was awesome, I love jcobleigh, and life is really quite good. Yay God! :) Pictures of the wedding will, of course, be posted as soon as we can get to it.



name change is fun, eh?