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snoopy, darcy

T-19 hours

We've hit the little bit of a lull in The Day Before, and as (un)expected things keep happening, all I can do is laugh at the absurdity of it all and trust God. I feel like Geoffrey Rush in Shakespeare In Love: "It's all going to work out." "How?!" "I don't know...it's a mystery!" and of course it does. :)

dasubergeek and cohort have arrived safely in town, as have jcobleigh's parents, silly_lilly, and other relations. More are descending as we speak. Various members of the wedding party might or might not make it to the rehearsal (which is in a little over an hour) on time--or even at all. We just got a phone call from our officiant that he has a family emergency and he's still going to try to make it. When I got that one, I 1) laughed, and 2) prayed for his family.

Ah well; the dresses have arrived on time, the reception hall is arranged, the church is arranged, and jcobleigh and I are muggy in the humid air and contented. :) All house-cleaning completed safely yesterday, our individual reading lights have been installed on either side of our bed, and my sisters are on the way to do their final dress-and-bra fitting.

We had a great dinner with jcobleigh's parents last night, and the Great House-Emptying Saga continues, as our house-owner has arrived for the next two weeks' stay and is going through the huge pile of junk in the den.

Life is good; praise God!! :)



I hope your day is beautiful and memorable in all the best ways. Something is bound to go differently than planned, but in the end none of that matters. And once you're back from your honeymoon, I want to hear all the details! (Er, of the wedding, I mean. )

God bless you both.
All the best!


A smile & a prayer

Lord, bless this couple as they begin a new life together with You. May their home be full of laughter, peace, and the love of Christ. Teach them, lead them, and bring fruit out of their union. Amen.

--A well-wisher
i can't wait to get my stuff...