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T-9 days


In other news, we bought one of those sun alarm clock/radio things. It's totally amazing. I was ready to get up by the time my radio turned on this morning. I was even...eager and cheerful. Now, I *am* a morning person, but I'm more a morning person on principle than because I feel cheery and eager to get out of bed at 6 a.m. on dark winter days. :)

Things are falling nicely into place (thank You God! :) and at this point, we're just photocopying little things and organizing a list of things we need to do the day before and on the day of. I think that's it. Mm. Easy! :)


that sounds rather scary

oh on the subject of alarm clocks, are there two of mine living in the Days' room?
There are in fact, yes. And I came home at 2 p.m. for some odd reason one day during the week and discovered that the one next to the bed was going off...

It's not scary! For the week that you're at 265, you really ought to give the sun alarm clock a try! See if it works for you. The instruction manual will be in the right-hand side's cubby in the headboard.
for a second i was wondering at 265? what's she talking about? height? latitude?

it was going off? that's weird
i was sure i took off the alarms! i thought i just forgot to put them in the box...
nope...they're both still plugged in & glowing happily. :)
well they were only supposed to be glowing (cuz i didn't unplug them)
but they weren't supposed to be alarming