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Saturday evening, I asked jcobleigh to marry me (!!) and he said yes. We spent Sunday with my parents and they gave their consent, and we called his parents in the evening and they gave theirs. My little sister Priscilla squealed with delight and is looking forward to being a bridesmaid, and my mother has decided that she will be singing in the ceremony.

Considering that we started dating only three months ago (though we've known each other for three and a half years), we are in no rush.

God is good. :)


In other news, they're having trouble down in Connecticut with parakeets, which have been building 90-lb. nests on the telephone poles and setting them alight via electrical fires.





So are you gonna buy him a ring so the world knows that he's taken? (Scarily enough, my wedding ring does not stop women from flirting. Or men either.)

When I proposed to Linnea, we called our friends and one of them said, "Is it going to be a white wedding?" We had a good laugh about that. ("No, it's going to be chartreuse and Dave is going to wear a big scarlet S for 'slut'!")

If you read back starting from 5/19/02 in my journal you'll see that it's not just women who get Bride-Head. I wish you luck.

things I learn

Jamie explained what "Bride-Head" is (shouldn't it be the other way around? :), which is quite different from "maidenhead" (reading a bit too much Arthurian legend these days), so thank you. I like how your friends assured you that their was Life After Wedding Planning... :)

And I finally took the opportunity to find out what chartreuse looks like:

chartreuse plates