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snoopy, darcy

For Posterity

The Ultimate Kissing Survey

Age of first kiss: 24

Number of people you've kissed: 1

French kissing is: mmmmmmm; my very first kiss, I went for it! :)

The worst kind of kiss is: where you get slobbered all around the outside of your mouth

The best kisser you know: jcobleigh!

The worst kisser you know: Charlton Heston always made onscreen kisses look like concrete blocks being pressed together: totally boring and very stiff

The celebrity you'd like to kiss: ew. yuck. a complete stranger?

Friend you would like to kiss: jcobleigh!

Favorite movie kiss: The Empire Strikes Back: Han & Leia in the Falcon

Do you kiss on the first date? nope

Eyes open or closed? depends on my mood

Average number of kisses you get a day: too many to count! :)

Ever kissed a friend's boyfriend or girlfriend? nope; complete turn-off there

The last person you kissed: jcobleigh

Best placed to be kissed: the underside of the curve between my jaw and my neck

Have you kissed someone of the same sex? nope; have I contemplated it? yep.

What about the opposite sex? yes oh yes

Do you consider kissing cheating? yep; I go with the "if you imagine it, you're doing it already" philosophy

The longest you've gone without a kiss: 24 1/2 years

The kiss you regret most is: I don't! Woo! :)

Kissing in public is: Fun and enjoyable for us, but people at the gym keep telling us to stop, because we're too distracting. :)

Tongue rings are: totally unsexy

Two girls kissing is: sensationalized by the media and basically boring

Two guys kissing is: ditto

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i believe this is one of those blogs that you make *private*

Well, everybody else's I saw was public...
yeah, but i'm not reading everybody else's blog so!