September 11th, 2007

evil plan

our branes is making us crazy!

On Slashdot today: how our brains might be predisposing us to certain political leanings. I especially like how the researchers are strongly trying to avoid claiming that one type of leaning is "better" than another, despite the fact that one produced more accurate results in the experiment than the other did. But it IS important to remember that the experiment truly is tiny and shouldn't be generalized towards moral rights and wrongs.

It does imply that we'll never get everybody to agree on anything, and that's probably a good thing.

Person A doesn't want to change their beliefs with every shifting wind and person B doesn't want to ignore the winds entirely because there might be something there. We need both types of people to have a rational society, I think. The tension is healthy.

Given the results of this experiment, I can totally see liberal-brained people starting to pity conservative-brained people, but wait until the next experiment, when the liberal-brained people are paralyzed by indecision and conflicting information while the conservative-brained people go blowing through the tests. You can construct any test you want to make either side seem better. :)
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