August 21st, 2007

monologuing murdoc

more than you ever cared to know about casing

In the last couple months, I've run across the following four casing styles--and had them pointed out to me as such. I've certainly seen and used them all before, but it never occurred to me to notice them in particular or to realize that there were names for them. For example:
  • Sentence case looks like this

  • Title Case Looks Like This

  • camelCaseLooksLikeThis

  • MixedCaseLooksLikeThis
Of course, these are just the names I learned for them. There are dozens of other names for them, and there are still other kinds of casing, like rANdOm caSINg, ALL CAPS, i dont use caps, SMALL CAPS, STuck key, and so on.

It's minutes of endless entertainment. Wikipedia has articles on it, with official academic-sounding names, like "bicapitalization" and such.

So next time you crane your pinky towards that shift key...consider carefully.
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