April 14th, 2005

big smile

A good day :)

  1. A good-quality free lunch, associated with an interesting talk on Gender Equity in Academia.

  2. Great meeting with a nursing Ph.D. about blood transfusion properties and process definitions! I love being re-jazzed about my research!

  3. An A on my last programming assignment (at least 50% of the credit for that should go to jcobleigh, for all his patience and guidance.) My TA even wrote "Good!" on it. I liked the TA's comment: "Your code doesn't parse the test file correctly. However, I looked at your code and it seems to have all major pieces there, so I assumed this is some small bug. I'm subtracting 9 points; if you feel this is unfair, come and see me."


    "Unfair"?! My code didn't work and you're only taking off 9 points?! Woooooo! :)

  4. I can breathe without pain. That's always a good thing. Usually on the reserve list, if I can't think of anything else that has gone right with my day. It's on the list today because it's true. :)

(Woo God! :)
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