December 23rd, 2003


When Computers Byte Back

...or, rather, when Word freaks out and makes an attempt at communication--

So I was listening to the first act of The Mikado and I was editing a draft of a paper that my advisors had given me their feedback on, and as I'm going through the handy multi-colored-change-tracking-notes-for-each-writer (whilst thinking, "How many subtle shades of purple and dark blue ARE there? And ooh! Is that green a pine or a fir?" "Magenta or red?--let's put them SIDE-BY-SIDE for maximum eyeball strainage!"), I'm right-clicking steadily away: Accept Insertion. Accept Deletion. Edit a bit. Reject Insertion. Accept Deletion. I wish I could select the whole knotty group of these and ACCEPT THEM ALL--but NOT have to do an Accept All Changes-- Accept Insertion. Edit. Reject Deletion. Edit. Accept Ins--

"The specifier must then determine what events the Response property pattern template's action and response pattern parameters map to in the alphabet of this property..."

This monotone male-ish computer voice is intoning over the cheery strains of "Three Little Maids From School Are We," leaving me momentarily disoriented, because that wasn't on the CD before...

Oh. Wait. The computer is READING MY PAPER TO ME.

How charming. I didn't even know it could do that. do I turn it off? There's five more pages to go! I pause The Mikado. Collapse )
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