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snoopy, darcy

The details are coming together! :)

We made arrangements for the cake and flowers yesterday; it was really easy! :)

Now I think the only major tasks are the minor ones. We've got to make up various paper-related things: the program, placecards, parking directional signs...


a quiz!

all i can say tho is that your results are really boring and at least jamie gets you as his spouse but you don't seem to return the favour

i am most dismayed!
psuedo-random number generators mean NOTHING! NOTHING!

I refuse to marry you!

i wholeheartedly agree!

you're sick??

ooo...and i'm coming!!
happy day!
Yay! jcobleigh told me! :)
yes, cuz you don't have the savvy to find out for yourself...
what a good think you have him!

I do too have the savvy!--I just don't have the time to read my friends page every day. :)
well if you have the savvy...*prove* it

anywayz, it's not like *i* post every day so there!

wait, are you saying he has the time?
you're clearly not keeping him *occupied* enough

you know...idle hands...wandering something or other...