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Some good quotes I want to keep for Posterity

TIME Magazine, 21 June 2004; cover article: "Faith, God & The Oval Office" by Nancy Gibbs

"'People don't want a President to think that every important decision has a stamp of God's approval and that God is always on his side,' says ethicist Cromartie. 'I think people want their Presidents to be pious but not self-righteously so. So there's a paradox, isn't there? A President has to seem to be relying on God's wisdom but not acting like all his decisions are God's decisions.' It's the difference between praying that you're right and believing that prayer makes you right."

"'We began to see the upsurge of religious rhetoric in the late 1990s,' Lynn says. 'There was this real sense of moral malaise in the country, among liberals and conservatives alike. They might not be able to agree on the morality, but they all agreed we didn't have enough of it.' The Columbine shootings, the impeachment battle, the corporate crookery all piled up and 'led many if not most Americans to conclude that the country had lost its moral compass,' says Green."

"'I'm not a believer in God," says Gullett, 'but I recognize that faith is a morally guiding force in most people's lives. I believe President Bush has brought honor back to the White House because of his faith. I don't see the religious community being upset with him. I see the nonreligious community being upset with him because they see faith as a threat to liberal thought.'"


He does come off as a warmongerer, yes. :(

I'm saddened by the reality that his actions have driven a bigger edge between the Christian world and the Muslim world. Right now, America treats the Middle Easterners (and those of that descent) as the Other. Listening to the Abu Ghraib US military's treatment of the prisoners just makes me sick. I know it's not the only place and the only time that we've done that to the Other, and I know it's not an isolated incident with a handful of thugs. This is systemic and the average American (including myself) is insulated and unaware of how we represent ourselves throughout the world. :(
America is one of the most parochial countries in the world. Except, with the other parochial countries, they don't actually make fools of themselves in front of an international audience.