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jcobleigh and I got our marriage license on Tuesday. Our state doesn't require any witnesses. The only thing standing between us and the legal status of being married is our officiant's signature. It gives one a little shiver.


In other news, we've gotten around to discussing the actual ceremony movement through the church and we've discovered a major disconnect! He's accustomed to Catholic processions and I'm accustomed to Protestant processions. It's the difference between whether the minister, groom, and groomsmen process in down the aisle or if they come in from the side of the dais and just stand, waiting for the girls to show up. Of course, there are a myriad variations on this, but he was assuming that the former process would be used, and it never occurred to me that anything but the latter process could be conceived of. We spent a while looking at the church layout and trying to figure out how to get both variations to work and determining if one would work more easily than the other...

We also had a bit of stress figuring out how to the do the intricate dance of the day to avoid him accidentally catching sight of me before the ceremony. :)

We found that we had a convenient place to put everyone in the wedding party before the ceremony started except for my father, who's going to walk me down the aisle. He's rather gregarious, so we didn't want him starting any conversations with anyone before the wedding or having anyone else starting conversations with him before the wedding. We didn't want to isolate him from a bathroom. We couldn't put him in near the girls' prep room because...well...he's a boy. We didn't want to put him with jcobleigh because the beleaguered groom is NOT going to want to deal with a gregarious, beleaguered father-in-law-to-be.

So we're possibly storing Dad under the stairs next to the coatrack.

We've gotten around to doing the stuff at the level of detail of seating arrangements for the reception and things. That went surprising well. I'm in charge of the graphic design for the programs.

Hey--if anybody has any great ideas for a nice black-and-white graphic for the front cover, feel free to pass them on! :)

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