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snoopy, darcy

on changing your name

In making appointments for things, I have just begun to enter the world of telling people, "It's spelled C-O-B-L-E-I-G-H. No, not T-H, GEEE-H. L-EEE-I. Yes." (more slowly) "C-O-B-L-E-I-G-H."

And it's pronounced, "cob lee." Not "cowb lye" or "cob lig" or "cowb lee-(mumble growl spit)."

I've been spoiled terribly by "Smith".


I've been spoiled terribly by "Smith".

Yes you have.

I suppose I should be glad that people know how to pronounce my name correctly, they just can't spell it correctly. My surname, now, they can't even spell it correctly when I spell it out for them. Selective dyslexia, due to there being a much more common spelling. In fact, both my first name and and my surname suffer from being less-common spellings of more well-known names, so I usually end up having to spell them both out completely. "With a kay, and an are-wy-en... With an ee. No, that's an ee instead of an oh."

Imagine if your surname had been "Smithe" or "Smyth".

Mind you, my sister has it worse, as her first name is very unusual, and is usually mistaken for "Nerida".