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snoopy, darcy


jcobleigh is making me French Raisin-Bread Toast for breakfast! He has come to my house with ingredients and is just now creating the culinary delicacy as I type. This is to fill me with morning goodness before our day of errands and furniture-moving.

Now he's just started whistling as he goes about it. Smells good!

He takes breaks to come into the computer room and kiss me.

He is 100% wonderful!

49 days to go!

Woo God! :)


well i know i'll regret it if i don'tget it
but i'm soooooo tired
it all sucks
and grr
::feels empathy::
and it's like what's the point
i dont even know if i'm ever going to use it
or want to use it
and i have no idea waht im doing with my life anywayz