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snoopy, darcy


jcobleigh is making me French Raisin-Bread Toast for breakfast! He has come to my house with ingredients and is just now creating the culinary delicacy as I type. This is to fill me with morning goodness before our day of errands and furniture-moving.

Now he's just started whistling as he goes about it. Smells good!

He takes breaks to come into the computer room and kiss me.

He is 100% wonderful!

49 days to go!

Woo God! :)


i think you moved it
smarty pants

but it's like...grrr...im g etting depressed
i dont think i'll ever get my master's
You know, I've been here for four years, and there are days that I think exactly the same thing. My Masters project has been a moving target since my second year.

Life is.

You can continue to work on it and email it back and forth after you leave...
but i dont know if i'll have the desire, strenght, ability to finish it :-(
How much do you want it? If you want to put these three years behind you without regret, pushing it through might be the best thing. If you're already past it and you've learned a lot and you're okay with life as it is, then don't sweat. Just make your decision and stick with it. :)
well i know i'll regret it if i don'tget it
but i'm soooooo tired
it all sucks
and grr
::feels empathy::
and it's like what's the point
i dont even know if i'm ever going to use it
or want to use it
and i have no idea waht im doing with my life anywayz