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snoopy, darcy

Good things

Kiped from rjanderson_blog: an excellent article on horses and trusting God in our relationships. It really spoke to me...

My family and friends from my parents' church threw me a surprise bridal shower on Sunday. jcobleigh heaved a sigh of relief at not having to keep the secret from me any more. (He'd been keeping it for two months, and fielding frustrating phone calls, and he couldn't vent his frustrations to me.) Luckily for him, I was totally clueless and never knew that anyone was hiding anything from me. :)

It was wonderful. I actually burst into tears. Me.

It was so good to see everyone! I was so grateful that everyone went to the trouble! I was grateful to have jcobleigh there beside me, opening the gifts. I wouldn't have wanted to be there alone. I met some of jcobleigh's relatives for the first time, his grandmother came up to MA for the first time, and we got two crock-pots, which is perfect, because we have a tendency to be responsible for making food for large groups of people. :)

While we were cleaning the place up, I got into a heated discussion with my teenage sisters and several of the girls they've grown up with in the church. Today's normal fashions (all you can find in the clothing stores, really), are skin-tight articles of clothing. That's not to say that many of these clothes don't have style, but the bottom line is that they're TIGHT. Leaves nothing to the imagination. I tend to wear loose clothing, since I dislike feeling constricted in any way. They were coming into conflict with some members of the older generation in the church, who are uncomfortable with a troupe of nubile young women traipsing about the church in body-hugging clothing. I said some not-very-nice things, which, though I feel they are true, were perhaps not delivered with grace. I felt like a dowd. They all assured me that they didn't think I was a dowd. I didn't believe them. I need to work on that. :) Anyway, I'm hoping and praying that they all work it out, and that there isn't some kind of long-standing bitterness that grows out of this conflict.

In other news, we went for our pre-marital blood tests today and it was amusing to have the staff scampering about, saying things like, "Congratulations!" and "When?" and whispering, "Are these pre-maritals?" to each other in the laboratory and then giggling. Our very personable laboratory technician drew our blood and gave us *sparkly band-aids*!


what are premaritals for?

You have to get a blood test before you can get a marriage license. In this state, you have to be tested for syphilis, which is based on an old law that really needs to be updated, since syphyilis isn't a major problem anymore. There should be a mandatory HIV test there, IMO.
so, will someone really *not* get married if they don't pass the test??
or is it just so you do the test and are *aware* not that if you don't past it they won't give you a license?
If you test positive for syphilis, the state will not issue you a marriage license. Syphilis is treatable, so you can be treated, take the test again, and, if it comes back clean, be given a marriage license.
i'm almost afraid to ask
what do they hope to accomplish or stop from happening by not issuing a marriage license?