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snoopy, darcy

Good things!

jcobleigh is safely in Scotland! He gets to walk by the castle in Edinborough every day on the way from his hotel to the conference center! Of course I miss him. silly_lilly is living at my place until she completes her Master's degree and goes home. (Going to miss her, too!!) Anyway, she and I had dinner last night and I kept catching myself talking about things jcobleigh had said or done that were relevant. :) She said that she wasn't annoyed by it yet, and would let me know when it did get annoying. It's just a little thing, but I'm realizing how much of me is becoming some part of him.

The phone call to my friend went so well last night, and I keep telling myself I shouldn't be afraid of calling friends. :)

I have reached the weight that my pediatrician told me way back in high school was ideal for my frame: 130 lbs! I was stunned and briefly thought that the gym must have been messing with the weights on the scale. But no: my weight has been steadily decreasing since jcobleigh and I have made an effort to eat low-carb and low-fat stuff, for the most part! Once Alton Brown reminded us that herbs and spices yield great taste without adding any calories, we've been eating even better. :) I got a really good advice from one of our friends at the gym, with a good recommended distribution of low-calorie and higher-calorie days, lots of dietary fiber, water, and a good amount of dairy. I'm lactose-intolerant, so (thanks to jcobleigh's encouragement), I'm back to a better quality-of-life with those little lactase enzyme tablets. Basically, I eat optimally (veggies and yummy things) on weekdays, and don't worry overmuch about eating at friends' houses or at restaurants on the weekends.

Muscle definition is a lovely thing. :)


Muscle definition is definitely a good thing.

We promise to feed you reasonably healthily whilst you are in California -- it'll be the height of fruit season! Not low-carb but oh-so-tasty. Strawberries and cherries and figs and peaches and plums and pluots and plumcots and peaches and berries, oh my!

I am happy, down to 261 from 272. My goal is for my circumference to be half my height by your wedding :)
An admirable goal! :) I've never heard of pluots or plumcots before.

I am allergic to seven edibles: raw pears, raw apples, peaches, plums, macadamia nuts, almonds, and brazil nuts. In most cases it is just an unpleasant scratchy sensation in the mouth and throat afterwards, but the last time I had bits of raw apple (about a month ago, jcobleigh made a really yummy snack of apple slices and peanut butter! :), my throat swelled painfully and I'm getting the sense that reactions are getting progressively worse. It's strange, since I had no trouble eating this stuff as a kid.

Anyway, in case that impacts your meal plans at all. Sorry for the inconvenience!
No inconvenience at all... we'll probably be doing the eat-out thing some, but my Sunday morning ritual is to go to the Studio City farmer's market, where all sorts of tempting flesh are on display for purchase (it's kind of the fruital antithesis to Mass)... since you and jcobleigh are Into Food, I thought you might wish to join me.

We keep nuts in the house for snacks but you may safely ignore them; if you don't bother them, they won't bite you.

Also, I will bet you a dollar you're allergic to pectin and amygdalin.

My wife is allergic to pectin and exhibits the same symptoms... hence why homemade jam is bad for her, as is apple cider. Apples and pears are absolutely loaded with pectin (which is present in all fruit in some quantity).

The one thing that peaches, plums, and nuts have in common is that they all fall into the category of what the French call noisette, which is made from the inner core of the stones of peaches, plums and apricots... almonds are also stone cores, as are macadamia nuts.

The chemical is called amygdalin (you can see the influence of the Latin word for almond here) and is found in all members of the rose family. When you ingest it, it is converted to everyone's favourite substance, HCN (hydrogen cyanide). Are you allergic to roses? Rose hip tea?

Wow, I'm a font of useless information today.
As I've never actually tried to eat roses in any form, I don't know. Too much lilac in a closed room will make me sneeze. :)

Thanks for this useful information! I think you're right about the pectin (I've never heard of amygdalin before), because my sister drank a glass of Five Alive when she was eight and her face swelled up beyond all recognition and they said it was a pectin reaction. It's too bad that nobody thought to take a picture of her. She made sure to get plenty of photos of me when I had pink calamine lotion for poison ivy all over my face. :)


me miss gym

ooo...if you want, whenever i think you are annoying, i can be annoying too..:-D
How is that different from now...?

j/k :)
i can be annoying on *purpose*
which *must* be worse!

re 10 day gym pass, doesn't it cost $50? just like a month pass?
I don't know; I've never gotten one! :)

Try calling them: 253-7571

lazy lazy lazy me :-P
Want to get a 10-day gym pass or something? You can do low-key stuff until your exodus... :)