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Two fun things on silly_lilly's real blog:

The "Ask Me About My Evil Plan" mug as a going-away/graduation present.

The Mysterious Signs In Amherst Center You should click on the picture for the large version and read the signs...


was wondering when somebody would post that

other online comments: it's adorable, it's cute, it's perfect for you, your friends must really know you well and

"you have to have that mug! if you don't have it, send me email! it would be an appropriate gift from your duplicitous minion"

(i am not always clear when i'm squealing and typing and thus i wasn't that clear on the i just got it as opposed to ooooooo look at it!)
LOL! You have duplicitous minions?
i have *a* duplicitous minion..
we're currently engaged in a christian-muslim war on a pagan board :-)

she's also the minion for THE EVIL ONE on my message boards

i also have more minions...some of them just don't know it yet...