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on boxer shorts

Due to jcobleigh's inspiration, which is left provocatively unspecified*, I purchased six pairs of boxer shorts from Costco a month ago and have been quite satisfied with them as sleepwear and wakewear. They are eminently comfortable (designed by men for men, no doubt), with elastic waistbands and soft fabrics. They boast fetchingly short lengths**, an exciting variety of colors and patterns, and a cute button in the fly (which when worn under a large t-shirt, for those of you who are fashion-conscious about such things, are wholly out of sight). Plus, as far as feminine summerwear goes, they are exceedingly affordable.

I can't imagine why they don't market these to women!

* Neal Stephenson, The Diamond Age

** Buy them a size larger than you think you want them to be! They shrink in machine washings.



well i know lots of women who wear 'em

ie swipe their male friends/family's

see you save money that way
Well, I tried that briefly (pun intended), but it turned out that it would inconvenience jcobleigh somewhat... :)

he just needs to go shopping..
Men should not wear tighty whiteys unless they are in absolutely perfect physical condition. Also, the problem with tighty whiteys is that if you have a normal (read: not $1000) washing machine, you have two choices: either let them fade to grayish after about 10 washings, or bleach them into oblivion and deal with the holes.

I much prefer boxers.