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Sarah vs. The Caveat Emptor - Chapter 1

I've just begun publishing a new novel that is based on the TV show Chuck. Even if you don't know anything about this great show, you'll still be able to understand and enjoy my story.

Title: Sarah vs. The Caveat Emptor
Author: Rachel Smith Cobleigh
Fandom: Chuck (TV, 2007-2012)
Rating: M
Pairing: Sarah Walker / Chuck Bartowski
Genre: Romance, Drama, Humor, Friendship
Length: ~60K words (when complete)
Chapters: 1/6
Status: In progress (fully written, but it'll be released 1 chapter per week)

Story Summary: Former CIA agent Sarah Walker has been cut adrift. Her memory of the previous five years was erased, and then she was lied to and sent to kill a man whom she discovered was her husband. This is the story of the day he tried to win her back.

This is a canon-compliant follow-up to the series finale. It's rated M for depictions of intimacy and references to prior violence.

I welcome all kinds of feedback, including critique and suggestions for improvement, so feel free to tell me what you think!

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Ooh! I loved Chuck. Gotta read this.


So nice to see you again izhilzha! I binge-watched Chuck for the first time in January and fell in love, and being a fic writer, this is what happens. :)

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