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Gakked from kerravonsen:

You're a Dialogue/Character Writer!

What kind of writer are you?
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I think I could have also been a "Plot" writer. Some genres interest me more than others (sci-fi, quirky humor), but the most important thing is that it's a good story. I liked the quiz's lists of what kinds of criticism/praise are most commonly received. It was good to know what I could perhaps improve in.

I just finished writing an essay for a friend's final semester project on women's sexuality. She wanted a perspective from someone who was waiting until after getting married to have sex. I was grateful for the opportunity and I was amused by how she approached me for it. I started writing it without knowing quite where I was going and I ended up with The Condensed History Of My Heart, because I felt like I couldn't explain why I was waiting unless I wrote about the whole journey. I didn't want the essay to be a rant against popular culture.

One very useful thing that I discovered through this writing process is that my sexuality is integrated with everything else in my life. I couldn't just write some personal account about sex--I needed to write about my relationship with God, about friends, about school, and about being healthy and fit. It feels good, because it feels like my sexuality is as much out in the light of day as is the rest of me. Nothing to be ashamed of, just peace and eagerness. :)


i know of these books etc etc

me...i add another question if my sisters are with me, do they say no or yes...