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Trust and Providence - Chapter 37

Trust and Providence Cover

Title: Trust and Providence
Author: Rachel Smith Cobleigh
Fandom: Downton Abbey
Rating: M
Pairing: Mary/Matthew, Sybil/Tom (STEAMM)
Genre: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Drama
Length: 396,600+ words
Chapters: 37/46
Status: In progress

Story Summary: What if Mary had trusted Matthew with her secret and immediately accepted his first proposal? An alternate universe starting from Series 1 Episode 6. Major Sybil/Tom, and some Edith/Anthony, Anna/Bates, and Cora/Robert. Includes graphic depictions of intimacy, frank discussions of faith and philosophy, strong language, disturbing wartime imagery, racial slurs, and character death (but Mary/Matthew and Sybil/Tom end happily!)

New Chapter Summary: Mary struggles with adjusting to middle-class life, Sybil and Tom get help with their marriage plans, and a second child arrives!

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