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I entered a writing contest on Inkitt

Just taking a brief break from our regularly-scheduled Downton Abbey programming...

Photo credit: werner22brigitte, available on Pixabay

I entered my Due South novel, Fort Liard, in a writing contest on Inkitt, and I’m inviting folks to wander over there and check the story out. It’s an action-romance set in the Northwest Territories, sprinkled with quirky humor, paranormal shivers, and plenty of Mounties, and it’s set four years after the end of the TV show. Rated: T, Status: Complete. As usual, critical feedback is welcomed.

If you like the novel, please vote for it on Inkitt by clicking on the heart at the bottom of the page. Just a note: Inkitt requires you to create an account with their site in order to vote, to deter people from stuffing the ballot box.


...now back to all things Downton!