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Trust and Providence - Chapter 35

Trust and Providence Cover

Title: Trust and Providence
Author: Rachel Smith Cobleigh
Fandom: Downton Abbey
Rating: M
Pairing: Mary/Matthew, Sybil/Tom (STEAMM)
Genre: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Drama
Length: 372,600+ words
Chapters: 35/45
Status: In progress

Story Summary: What if Mary had trusted Matthew with her secret and immediately accepted his first proposal? An alternate universe starting from Series 1 Episode 6. Major Sybil/Tom, and some Edith/Anthony, Anna/Bates, and Cora/Robert. Includes graphic depictions of intimacy, frank discussions of faith and philosophy, strong language, disturbing wartime imagery, racial slurs, and character death (but Mary/Matthew and Sybil/Tom end happily!)

New Chapter Summary: Will Sybil get into medical school? How can she do it and still marry Tom? And why is Mary rejecting Matthew's advances? Some questions are answered and new ones are posed...

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