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splitting hairs and long rows of numbers

For all you who care:

"fiancee" is the girl.
"fiance" is the guy.

French. Phooey. dasubergeek, is there any difference in pronunciation?

And I realized this morning that I made an entire phone call from numbers and not a word spoken:

1 number to exit the university phone system
11 numbers to reach my calling card
13 numbers to put in my calling card password
10 numbers to dial my father's beeper
10 numbers to put my return number onto my father's beeper
45 numbers total, all from memory.



i've never pronounced it differently
and if you're going to say it's french it's best you put in the accents you know!

hopefully i got all that right..else it'd be so embarrassing but i have an excuse
I'm silly!
No difference in pronounciation unless you're Provençal(e), in which case fiancée (that é is ALT-130 if you're on the normal US English Windows keymap) is pronounced "fee-ahng-SAY-euh" and is delivered at lightning speed.

I dialled a phone number in Hong Kong today and it seemed like the longest number. I need a + sign on my phone.
linux keyboard?

Just use the gnome unicode character picker in gnome2. It also gets you fun things like ɑi-pi-aʰ, ᚛ᚑᚌᚆᚐᚋ᚜, ᏣᎳᎩ, ⑆1234⑉876876⑈34.00⑊,中文, Arabic, Bengali, and more ♨♒✫❐❢✐✇ing symbols than you can shake a ❙ at.

Oh, and let us not forget "⏀⏂⏅⏇", the all-important dentistry symbols (U+23BE-U+23CC)!
oh yes! dentistry rocks!

oh...hmm...another piece of software to find...

thanks :-)
Ahh, college days and the dorm phone system....45 numbers to dial just to order the pizza. :)